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I recently got a pair of Novero Rockdale Bluetooth headphones and I have to say they are the best headphones I’ve ever had!

Let me back track…
Last April I got an iPhone and also being a lover of music, I would listen to music for hours on end and eventually began breaking my earphones through over use and managing to break the wires away from the jack connector.
Basically I mean I was going through a new pair of earphones every other month! 

So buying these Bluetooth headphones was the best invest I’ve made in my life!

They work great with my iPhone and after living with cheap pound-land earphones for months that ONLY play music (no hands free etc)

Compatible with Siri.
Change tracks back and forth.
Pause/Play and Answer/ End Call button.
Volume buttons.
Built-in microphone.

Box contains:
USB changing cable (able to charge through a USB port in a computer or plug.
Bag to keep headphones safe when not in use.

I got these headphones from a site called

Chloe x
  • 22 July 2013
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